Variable temperature kettles are great gift idea for the coming Christmas season. Look no further than here best variable temperature kettles They make a perfect present for this Christmas. But who would benefit from such a present? For the answer to that read on…..

Hot drinks made Wrong

Green tea made with a variable temperature kettle

Traditionally hot drinks have always used a standard kettle to boil water, mix in whatever tea leaves, granules, fruits and the result is s hot beverage with all the goodness released into the drink.

But that’s not so. These drinks should be made with hot water, not boiling water and therein lies the problem. Kettles just have one setting – boiling. When you use boiling water your actually damaging the subtle leaves, fruits, etc. Which gives a slightly bitter taste to what ever it is your trying to brew.

The solution to making a hot Drink

That’s where a variable temperature kettle, that allows you to set the temperature, comes in. It allows you to heat the water to an ideal temperature of your choosing making for a perfect hot drink.

It can be hard to believe but it does make a difference and the difference is in the taste. For those of us that like herbal tea, this type of kettle is a must.

Alternatives – there aren’t any

The alternative to a variable temperature kettle is a normal kettle, with its one boiling setting could be.

  • You could always try to guess, switch off when you think the temperature is just right.
  • Get a thermometer to be more precise.

But I think you’ll agree none of those is ever going to happen.

Another Thing

One other benefit of these newer kettles is to keep the water warm. Some do this for 15 minutes, others for 30 minutes and some models give as much as 4 hours. Really useful when you can’t stand by a kettle waiting for it to boil, only to come back later and switch it on again. Water at the temperature you set, when you want it.

If you know anyone that likes tea and your looking at an ideal gift to get them this Christmas, you just found it temperature control kettle.

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