England’s 2018 World Cup

England’s World Cup semi final at the Russian world cup was what it was, a pretty ordinary team getting knocked by another average but slightly better Croatia team.

England, although a young team, weren’t good enough and finally their luck ran out. There were two routes to the final and England had the slightly easier run in. Facing Brazil, France or Belgium in the other route and I think England would have been knocked out of the completion earlier.

I think we would have struggled against the lesser teams, Mexico and Japan, whose speed, passing and directness would have caused more problems and put is in the back foot.

England lack a midfielder with presence. A midfielder that can take the ball and launch attacks. It was the area we looked short in and Croatia will able to dominate as the game went on.

On the plus side, this was a young team that did well and got to the semi final of a world cup, which Germany, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil were unable to do. And Gareth Southgate has delivered a team, not the finished article, but not the many disappoints that we’ve had so often.

Let’s see how the Euro’s shape up. More needs to be done in the midfield areas.