temperature controlled kettles

Variable temperature kettles are great gift idea for the coming Christmas season. Look no further than here best variable temperature kettles They make a perfect present for this Christmas. But who would benefit from such a present? For the answer to that read on…..

Hot drinks made Wrong

Green tea made with a variable temperature kettle

Traditionally hot drinks have always used a standard kettle to boil water, mix in whatever tea leaves, granules, fruits and the result is s hot beverage with all the goodness released into the drink.

But that’s not so. These drinks should be made with hot water, not boiling water and therein lies the problem. Kettles just have one setting – boiling. When you use boiling water your actually damaging the subtle leaves, fruits, etc. Which gives a slightly bitter taste to what ever it is your trying to brew.

The solution to making a hot Drink

That’s where a variable temperature kettle, that allows you to set the temperature, comes in. It allows you to heat the water to an ideal temperature of your choosing making for a perfect hot drink.

It can be hard to believe but it does make a difference and the difference is in the taste. For those of us that like herbal tea, this type of kettle is a must.

Alternatives – there aren’t any

The alternative to a variable temperature kettle is a normal kettle, with its one boiling setting could be.

  • You could always try to guess, switch off when you think the temperature is just right.
  • Get a thermometer to be more precise.

But I think you’ll agree none of those is ever going to happen.

Another Thing

One other benefit of these newer kettles is to keep the water warm. Some do this for 15 minutes, others for 30 minutes and some models give as much as 4 hours. Really useful when you can’t stand by a kettle waiting for it to boil, only to come back later and switch it on again. Water at the temperature you set, when you want it.

If you know anyone that likes tea and your looking at an ideal gift to get them this Christmas, you just found it temperature control kettle.

The story about heating water

Water Chemistry

Freemason Cufflinks

Master Mason

Craft symbols - Compass and Square

My husband has, after nine months, become a master mason. Obviously I as his wife and being a women know nothing of what takes place in those masonic meetings (but I think I have a fair idea). I’m quite happy that John joined, my father being a mason helped to persuade him and I know he’s happy he joined. So now he’s reached level three in the craft – you see I know the terms from my father – time to get a gift.

The Perfect Freemason Gift

Nothing to expensive but I didn’t want something that he looks at once and puts in the cupboard then forgets about it. I wanted something more special than that. So I asked my father.

He suggested something that he can wear at the lodge meetings would be ideal. He suggested I try this site, Masonic Gifts they have loads of great ideas and they narrow the number of items to just the best in each category.

Masonic Cufflinks

Masonic cufflinks looked the ideal gift. He always wears white shirts without buttons on the sleeves. I should know as I the one that buys all his clothes now. My father suggested that the design for the cufflinks should be the compass and square. These he said were symbols of the craft. I found the perfect ones here Mason Cufflinks

Cufflinks Suprise

Master Mason
Master Mason

I got these rather nice gold cufflinks that look so cute and very smart. John was mightily surprised when I presented them to him but very pleased. They look great against his white shirt. Very official he looks too.

Other Freemason Gifts

Checking my father’s morning suit, which he only wears at lodge meetings, I can see that he has lapel pins and tie pins and various medals. What they all mean – I haven’t a clue. But they look nice. Something I’ll buy next after checking with my father first.

You can find out most things about Freemasonary on the internet, as I did. It’s quite old and quaint as far as I’m concerned.

England’s 2018 World Cup

England’s World Cup semi final at the Russian world cup was what it was, a pretty ordinary team getting knocked by another average but slightly better Croatia team.

England, although a young team, weren’t good enough and finally their luck ran out. There were two routes to the final and England had the slightly easier run in. Facing Brazil, France or Belgium in the other route and I think England would have been knocked out of the completion earlier.

I think we would have struggled against the lesser teams, Mexico and Japan, whose speed, passing and directness would have caused more problems and put is in the back foot.

England lack a midfielder with presence. A midfielder that can take the ball and launch attacks. It was the area we looked short in and Croatia will able to dominate as the game went on.

On the plus side, this was a young team that did well and got to the semi final of a world cup, which Germany, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil were unable to do. And Gareth Southgate has delivered a team, not the finished article, but not the many disappoints that we’ve had so often.

Let’s see how the Euro’s shape up. More needs to be done in the midfield areas.